Project overview
We turned the best Brno gym into the most stylish one.
Vít Rýznar (Creative Director), Jana Bieleš Bernkopf (Graphic Designer), Jaroslav Miklík (Graphic Designer)
Visual Identity,  Brand Strategy, Webdesign

The best cooperation?
When you are each other's client

Ondrej and Theresa declared that they want to build the best gym in Brno. Anyone could say that, right. So we had no choice but to check for ourselves.

We have tested it very thoroughly for about a year, and twice a week we went to STRANGE to train. And right from the beginning it was clear to us that they were serious about quality.

And then when they decided to move into a huge empty industrial hall and came to us saying that they, apart from the gym being the best, they also want it to be the most impressive one, we knew right away that we were in.

Constellation? Ideal.

Great service, great people (an amazing, friendly and competent team, plus clients usually from the Brno business scene), great premises, a clear and bold vision, great trust and freedom we had with the implementation.