project overview
In a word? Legend. A brand that even your grandmothers know, and they may still be baking their famous rabbit or bublanina in it. For us? Huge responsibility. Because we're cutting into something that's worked so well for years and decades.
Vít Rýznar (Creative Director) / Miroslav Kozák (Graphic Designer)
Logo and Visual Identity, Packaging, Activation, Print
Our task was to reflect the expansion of the product portfolio in the new visual style and to create a solid framework that connects offline, web and social media communication.
In addition to the new logo, the completely redesigned visual is also based on a distinctive blue colour, which is complemented by several secondary colours. Compositionally, we rely on the circular symbolism of "pots on the stove".
We have also successfully activated the visuals
new materials mainly include packaging for the entire product portfolio, POS, print advertising, campaigns, exhibition stands, event materials and cookbooks.